Gold 1-Dunlop Pontefract Gold with AppsAnywhere - 8 - 10 December 2023
info Summary
: Friday 08 December 2023 - Sunday 10 December 2023
: £50.00
: Gold
: Wednesday 15 November 2023
place Location
Pontefract Squash & Leisure Club (PSLC)
Stuart Road
Chapel Allerton Tennis, Squash & Gym
Wensley Avenue
person Organiser
Terry Dudley
badge Safeguarding Lead
Jayne Robinson
emergency First Aid
Matt Godson
07943 724965
groups Grades
: Mixed U9, Boys U11, Boys U13, Boys U15, Boys U17, Boys U19, Girls U11, Girls U13, Girls U15, Girls U17, Girls U19, GU19Q, GU19 17-20, MU9Q, MU9 17-21, BU13Q, BU13 33-40, GU15Q, GU15 17-21, GU17Q, GU17 9-13
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England Squash Competition Rules and Regulations -

The initial seedings will be issued on Saturday 18th November (see link below).  Parents and players will have 48 hours to provide comments and questions to the seedings (closing time for seedings is Monday 20th November at 10am).  Final seedings will be available later on Monday 20th November.  

Ponte Gold 23 Seedings.xlsx 

Live draws will be held on Tuesday 21st November at 10am.  Click here to see the live draw.

Draw Formats

Draw Formats
MU9s:  ?21 players.  10 players to play in qualifying round.  Winning players move to main draw (monrad 16).  Losing players move to 17-21 round robin play off.
BU11s: 27 players.  32 monrad draw.
BU13s: 40 players.  16 players in qualifying draw.  Winning players move to main draw.  Losing players move to 8 player monrad for 33-40 positions
BU15s: 65 players.  64 monrad draw.  1 player on waiting list.
28 players.  32 monrad draw.
BU19s: 31 players.  32 monrad draw.
GU11s: 10 players. 2 x 5 round robin draws with final position play off.
GU13s: 27 players. 32 monrad draw.
GU15s: 24 players.  32 monrad draw.
GU17s: 16 players.  16 monrad draw.
GU19s: 20 players.  8 players in qualifying draw.  Winning players move to main draw (monrad 16).  Loosing players move to 17-21 round robin play off.

Pontefract SLC MU9, BU11 ,GU11 ,BU13, GU13, BU15 and GU15. (BU15 second round losers play at Chapel Allerton from Saturday)
BU13, BU15 .GU13 and GU15 will start on Friday aprox 1.00pm
MU9, GU11, BU11 start Saturday

?Chapel Allerton TSG BU17, GU17, BU19 and GU19 - Friday matches from approx 1pm

Finals All age groups at Pontefract.

We are delighted to confirm this years tournament will once again be sponsored by AppsAnywhere who will be providing very generous cash prizes for all finalists

This is a selection event contributing towards Road to Selection. For more information visit our website

Pontefract Squash & Leisure Club

Safeguarding - Jayne Robinson - / 07767275863

First Aid - Matt Godson - / 07943 724965

Chapel Allerton LT & SC

Tournament Desk - Eddy Stallworthy / 07976481470

Safeguarding - Eddy Stallworthy - / 01132266622

First Aid - Eddy Stallworthy - / 01132266622